A lot of people have dogs because they’re the best friend that person can have. They’re affectionate and playful, and intelligent! Are you trying to teach your dog some new tricks, but don’t know which ones are easy to teach? Here are some of the easiest tricks to teach your dogs.


There is no better way to show how polite your dog is than by greeting your friends or family. To do this, first put a bit of adhesive tape on your dog’s eye, and while he tries to remove it, try saying “salute” and then reward him with treats and give him love. Repeat it until they do it without using the tape.


What a tender thing it is to get home and have your dog receive you with affection and kisses. They’re very affectionate with their owners and like to lick a lot, but you must also teach them how to kiss.

To do this, put a treat on your face and start telling him to give you a kiss when he approaches to get the treat, you walk away, and then you give him the prize.

Look Out Objects

This trick is excellent to keep your dog very active. First, start throwing things and running while you’re showing a treat to your dog, then when he manages to catch the object, make him bring it back so he can get a reward.


There’s nothing cuter than watching a dog dance while listening to a song or when you order them to. It’s a trick that takes too much practice but it isn’t impossible to do it. However, it’s not recommended for overweight dogs or dogs with problems in their legs.

You start by lifting a treat so the dog gets up on two legs and try to reach it, when they do, try to say  “dance”, “turn”, “up”, and keep practicing it again until they do it automatically when you give the order.

Pick Up the Toys

This is an excellent way for your dog to help and keep your home clean. To do this, first, you must sit next to the toy box and in front of your dog, and then give them a toy which they need to keep in their mouth so you can put a treat inside the box for your dog to look for it.


This trick is very good and super easy to teach. A good way to learn this trick is to put a treat that your dog will love in the palm of your hand. You will start to say “high five” and when they raise their paw, congratulate and pet them.

When dealing with dogs, mostly in their early years, or after they have been adopted from a “wilder” environment, it could be difficult for you while putting on an immense amount of stress on the dog. In order to avoid this from happening, it’s crucial for you to try any, or every, of these tricks to train your pet.

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