Dogs are an excellent company for us, and there are some people who are even in love with them. A lot of people even have plenty of dogs in their houses when they don’t even know how to deal with them better than anyone else, so it’s okay if you don’t know anything about it either.

That’s why, in case you are a newbie with pets, and you have to take care of some puppy of a friend, don’t worry, here are some tips for you:



In case the dog is going to stay with you for a while, you should ask about important things like grooming. How many times he needs to bathe in a week, how much shampoo you should apply, if you need to brush their teeth, and if they brush their hair and how often.

Also, you should be familiarized with the products that the dog uses, for example: his shampoo or an ointment (if they need one), so you know which products to apply. You should also know that dogs cannot use human’s perfumes or creams.

Adapt Your Home


In case you don’t have pets, your house may not be habitable for dogs. But don’t worry, you can adapt your home to provide the care that the puppy needs without making any drastic changes.

Start by hiding any type of disinfectant or chemical that you own, collect all your shoes or any type of clothing to keep them from being bitten, and also hide any type of candy or chocolates that you have. Most importantly, keep the dog away from your room so itdoesn’t mess up your bed or devour your shoes.

Do Their “Things”


This is something very basic and important, as dogs need to do their physiological business most of the time… You know what I mean. So, you should think about where you can teach them to do this, in case of not having a backyard, that way you will keep them from doing them all around your house.

Keep Active


This is really important. You must get them to do different activities so his mind and his body remain active. You could go for a walk, go to the park, play with them in the yard. Whatever you want, but you need to do it.

Dog Chronogram


Ask your friend or the owner of the dog you are going to take care of, to give you a schedule of the dog’s activities, meals, and in case of being sick, when to take their medicines. All this so you know the exact time at which they should have their meals, take their medications, go to sleep, and get up, and if you should do any activity like go to the park or others.

In Bark Park, we know some dogs are really very affectionate, but they smell fear, so you must be calm in order to deal with them. Also, ask the owner anything you need to know about their special care, so you can adapt a bit more to the dog. By following these tips you will be able to be comfortable taking care fo any dog, no matter the size or age.

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