A dog needs fresh air. They shouldn’t be locked in the house all the time and there is no better place to take them out to than a park so they can play, interact with people, and get used to noise. So, in case you don’t know how to control your dog when you both go to the park, here are some tips we had to learn the hard way:

You Must Educate It

First, to take your dog to public places like these, they must be properly trained to follow any order that you give, so you don’t have much trouble controlling them.

Control Dog’s Emotions

In case your dog is very excited at the time of leaving your house and getting to the park, first try to calm them down and then let them play quietly around.

Without a Leash

In case of going to a dog park, don’t worry, as your dog is safe so you can remove the leash without any problem as it’s a safe place for them. If you go to a public park, you can only release your dog if it’s well trained and listens to you, so you can avoid any problem.

Learn By Observing

Go to the parks and see so that dogs playing have a good side. You can observe other doggies’ attitudes and their behavior with their owners, so you will learn more to control your own dog.

You Must Be In Contact With Your Dog

The fact that your dog is playing at a park with other dogs doesn’t mean that you should disconnect completely and observe them from a distance. Always try to be close, talk, give them some love and play with your dog.

Without Toys

If your dog is playing with other dogs, don’t give them any of their toys since they will not need them, in order to keep the toy from getting lost or stolen since your puppy won’t be alone.

Always Stay Alert

You should always be aware of what your dog is doing so you can control any movement they make in case there’s a dogfight, they want to flee, or any other hasty reaction they might have.

You Must Be Calm

You should always be calm to deal with your dog since they don’t react well to nervous behavior or shouting. So, if you are going to talk to them, it should be in a moderate tone, like this the dog doesn’t get stressed and you avoid any bad behavior on his behalf.


Try to relax and enjoy the moment you’re sharing with your dog. However, if you’re very worried about your pet’s behavior because you cannot control it, take certain classes to train them properly and don’t get so stressed.

Dogs are very happy when they go out to the street and they want to start running everywhere, that’s why the leash is so important. But it’s necessary that you take them out for a walk because they like that, and they can also stay physically and mentally active, which is very important for every dog.

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