Dog parks are the perfect place for doggies to socialize with other dogs and play around. If you are looking for some kind of guide on how to create the perfect dog park for your dog, here, Bark Park presents you five things that you must definitely pay attention to:

Think As Your Dog Does

You must take into consideration that you should not build just a flat spot of grass in the middle of nowhere, that’s boring even for humans! You must try to create a place where dogs can feel comfortable at and play around with safe accessories and furniture.

Your goal should be that your dog has a good time, so you have to think about what kind of things they would like to have in the park. Natural accessories, such as rocks, logs, and plants can be of great help.

Find The Appropriate Space Size

We know that it’s not an easy thing to do, but finding a place with the appropriate size can bring you, as a builder, and the dogs, as the users, a lot of benefits.

Dogs that love to roam around will do it within the proper boundaries. You should set private spaces for shy dogs that like to play in outdoor spaces but cannot handle to be in contact with other dogs. Having spaces for every kind of dogs will definitely be a plus for your park!

Make Them Sweat

It’s important that the dogs can exercise both brain and body in dog parks. Creating level fields, obstacle courses, gentle hills, tunnels, and clumps of rocks are accessories that will make them think because they will have to figure out how to get through them.

Do Not Forget The H2O!

Water is something like gasoline for most living creatures on Earth. Doggies are not the exception. Water should definitely be in your dog park. Create some water fountains for all those dogs with owners that forgot their portable water pots. You must keep them hydrated!

Water can also provide excellent exercising ways for dogs. Pools, fountains, and mini lakes are great for this. They can dive in into them and swim. Those are really good exercises to keep them active, especially for old dogs.

Keep Plants under Control

Plants are beautiful natural accessories for your park, but you should definitely be really careful with them. Dogs tend to run a lot and they don’t always pay attention to the obstacles in front of them. If these obstacles are plants, they might end up hurting your dog pretty bad!

You must choose the right types of plants that don’t take too much space and keep them on point. If you consider that a plant is dangerous or too big, please cut it off!

Here you have it. If you don’t forget these five simple aspects, you will surely have the perfect layout for the best dog park out there. Get ready to receive a lot of visits from cute, hairy, full of energy, and funny new friends!

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