If you own a dog, you must be aware that one of their most favorite things to do is to run freely around open spaces. And what’s better than a park for that? Well, a dog park is definitely better!

In dog parks, your buddy can also socialize with other dogs, sniff around, and do their things! Anyhow, like any other place, dog parks have rules and you must watch that your doggie respects them in order to keep them and other dogs safe. Here we present some of these rules:

Baby Dogs Should Not Get In!

If your dog is just a newborn, you must wait until they are a bit older to take them to dog parks. The rule actually says that they should be over 4 months old to be able to enter these spaces. This rule was established to keep puppies from getting hurt while playing.

Pregnant dogs are not allowed either. The main cause of this is that, as you must know, they are not aware of the consequences of their acts. You should take care of your female dog if she is pregnant in order to keep her and the babies safe.

Any Kind Of Violent Behavior Is Not Allowed

This rule was established to keep every dog parks visitors safe. Violent situations might end up hurting the dogs involved, the dogs near the place where it happens, and the dog owners who try to stop the situations.

If you see any kind of aggressive behavior in your pup, it is mandatory for you to stop it immediately. It doesn’t matter if he was just playing and it got rough. Don’t let it escalate because it could potentially put everyone in danger.

Do Not Lose Sight Of Them!

You must be watching your dog at every single moment during your staying in dog parks. This will help you to take actions in case of them getting involved in any kind of not allowed situations.

In that way, you will be able to pick up after them, stop violent situations, keep them from playing with bigger or smaller dogs, and keep an eye on their toys.

Bring Your Own Water, But Don’t Bring Food

Keeping your dog hydrated is vital for them. Even more so if he’s playing around in a park because they tend to get tired and thirsty. Portable water bowls will help you with that. Choose a practical one that can contain the amount of water that your dog drinks.

However, it’s advisable that you don’t bring food for yourself and your dog. Although treats like pizzle treats are good for training, the noses in dog parks are amplified more than the usual, surrounded by dogs of all sizes and shapes. Trying to eat in this kind of places can make dogs feel attracted by the smell of food and if they get desperate, the innocent wish of feeding them can end in a violent situation.

Considering how loving and huggable dogs may be, visiting a dog park needs to be planned carefully. Now that you are aware of these rules, you can take your doggie to dog parks and let them enjoy their exercise and recreation properly!

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