Taking our dogs for a walk is a fun activity both for us and for them. There is no better place to take them for a walk than a dog park. In there, they can run freely, play with other dogs, explore things, and much more!

However, there are things that you should not forget to take with you when you are going to a dog park. In here you have a short list of those items to help you have an even better experience there:

Plastic Bags


Plenty of dogs go to dog parks on a daily basis and most of them are used to doing their things in these places. In order to keep the space properly clean, every dog owner should carry their own plastic clean-up bags.

There are places that have plastic bags dispensers but have one in your pocket just in case. You never know, right?

Portable Bowls


Your dog will be running around the whole time that they spend in the park. That means that, at some point, they should feel thirsty. Because of that, you must keep their portable water bowl in your backpack.

Some places have their own water fountains, but a lot of dogs drink from them and who knows what kind of diseases they might carry. As you can see, carrying a bowl with you can protect them from getting ill.

A Collar


Your dog should always wear a collar, even at home! Of course, this collar must have a name tag with your dog’s name on it. This will help people to identify them in case of being lost. It’s recommended that you put your phone number and your full name in the back of the name tag. Trust us on this one.

Choose a nice design for the name tag like a bone or a fish, something like that, and of course choose the best material for their collar. Our recommendation is a black leather collar. Pretty chic, huh?

A Leash


Yes, yes… We know what you’re thinking: “If dog parks are places where my dog can run free, why should I have a leash with me?” Well, actually it’s really necessary. Sometimes you will have to use it to keep your dog controlled if they aren’t paying attention to your commands.

Also, how would you convince them to go home because it’s getting late when they’re running free in their favorite place? That is right, with a leash.

Warning! One Item You Should Not Bring To The Dog Park


Treats are the best rewards for dogs, especially if they are getting any kind of training. If you have a pup who easily gets bored, giving him bully sticks for puppies is a great idea! These are utterly delicious, long-lasting chew treats made of beef pizzles. Just a word of warning though. These are quite irresistible to most dogs, and bringing them along can cause fights among them. So, while dogs absolutely love these aromatic pizzles, it’s best to leave them at home where they can enjoy chewing on these without eliciting a fight.

However, treats can catch other dogs’ attention. Remember that every dog has a specific diet that you should not alter. It doesn’t matter how cute their puppy eyes are, never give them treats if you didn’t get authorization from their owners!


Remember all these things and we assure you that the next time you visit your dog’s favorite park, and your experience will be way better!

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